RISSCO Fabrication Inc. (RISSCO) started almost 30 years ago as Rhode Island Solid Surface Company when Corian (a product made by DuPont) became a very popular countertop choice. The Corian distributor in Rhode Island offered to sponsor the owner of Rhode Island Solid Surface, Paul Dubuc, to become a certified Corian fabricator. Only Dupont certified fabricators can fabricate and install Corian. After selling Rhode Island Solid Surface to a much larger solid surface fabricator in Rhode Island and working for them for about nine months, Paul decided to leave and start his own business again – RISSCO.


At that point, Paul developed the idea of mobile fabrication and subsequently engineered a mobile fabrication unit (basically a shop on wheels). From this idea MobileFab was born. Paul holds four patents issued by the U.S. Patent Office on various stages of the MobileFab technology. MobileFab was (it is no longer in existence) in the business of manufacturing and selling mobile fabrication units to solid surface fabricators (RISSCO being one of them). MobileFab allows a solid surface fabricator to template, fabricate and install a solid surface countertop in someone’s home in one day with little to no disruption to the homeowner. At that time (early 1990’s), Corian was the countertop of choice and MobileFab made it that much more appealing.





Fast forward to the 21st century — kitchen and bath trends have changed and solid surface (such as Corian) is more widely used in the commercial arena due to its durability and reparability. RISSCO has had to adapt to these changing trends to remain in the residential market and now offers all types of countertops (i.e., granite, quartz, eco-friendly) as well as solid surface to its customers (both residential and commercial). Unfortunately, granite and quartz countertops cannot be fabricated in a MobileFab unit, so RISSCO must subcontract the fabrication of quartz and granite out to various stone fabricators. RISSCO’s employees have the capacity to template and install stone countertops, if need be, however, it is more cost-effective for the stone fabricator to handle all stages of production.